Team and Developer Migration

If you used earlier CodeScene versions (4.2 and earlier), you know that the Team and Developer configuration was per project. Starting in CodeScene 4.3, we make it easy to share the same team configuration between multiple projects. You can now resolve author aliases, configure former contributors, and define development team once and re-use that team profile across all projects.

When updating from an older version, CodeScene will create a separate Team and Developer configuration for each project. These configurations will have the same name as the project.

To update the migrated projects to use shared Team and Developer settings, do this for each project:

  1. Rename the Team/Developer configuration used by the project to an appropriate name.

  2. Identify other projects that target the same teams and developers.

  3. Modify the Team/Developer configuration setting for the other projects to use the same Team and Developer configuration.

  4. Go to Teams/Developers, filter out configurations that are no longer used, and delete them.

Unused developer configurations

Fig. 238 Unused developer configurations.

When creating new projects - use the option to reuse existing Team and Developer configurations.