Supported Programming Languages

CodeScene supports different programming languages at different levels:

1. Basic: All text-based content can be analysed on the file level. This enables hotspot analyses, change coupling, and knowledge metrics.

2. X-Ray with method level hotspots: The second level of support is CodeScene’s language aware X-Ray analysis that calculates hotspots and change coupling on a function/method level.

3. Full support: Full language support means that CodeScene calculates Code Health metrics, enables the virtual code reviewer, and supports the goal-oriented workflow concept to manage technical debt and code quality.

Language Specific Features

CodeScene has dedicated language support for the following programming languages:

Language Full support X-Ray (method level hotspots)
C Yes Yes
C++ Yes Yes
C# Yes Yes
Java Yes Yes
Groovy Yes Yes
JavaScript Yes Yes
TypeScript Yes Yes
React (jsx, tsx) Yes Yes
ECMAScript Modules Yes Yes
Vue.js Yes Yes
Objective-C 2.0 Yes Yes
Scala Yes Yes
Python Yes Yes
Swift Yes Yes
Go Yes Yes
Dart2 Yes Yes
Visual Basic .Net Yes Yes
PHP Yes Yes
Ruby Yes Yes
Rational Software Architect models (C++) Yes Yes
Kotlin Yes Yes
Perl 5 Yes Yes
Erlang Yes Yes
Elixir Yes Yes
Clojure Yes Yes
Oracle PL/SQL No Yes
Apex No Yes

Lack Supprt for a specific Programming Language?

We continue to add support for more programming languages over time. As always: if you lack support for a language, let us know and we will make it happen.