Author and Team Statistics

CodeScene provides an aggregated view of all author and team contributions.

Detailed Team Statistics

The team statistics let you view the contributions aggregated on a team level as show in Fig. 136.

An example of detailed team statistics

Fig. 136 The detailed team statistics show the aggregated contributions on a team level.

The detailed team statistics are calculated based on the analysis start dates for team analyses.

The team statistics also include a timeline that shows how the contributions – on a team level – are distributed over time (see the author example below for an example – the team view provides the same data).

Detailed Author Statistics

The author information is intended as descriptive data that lets you find long-term contributors as shown in Fig. 137.

An example of detailed author statistics

Fig. 137 The detailed author statistics show the aggregated contributions.

CodeScene also calculates a timeline with a heatmap of the ontributions by each active author, as shown in Fig. 138.

An example of a heatmap of active authors

Fig. 138 The timeline shows a heatmap of active author contributions.

The author heatmap shows the number of recorded commits by each active author. Note that the contributions are filtered according to your project configuration. That is, author contributions to blacklisted or excluded content aren’t included in the statistics.