Resolve Developer Aliases

The social metrics need to identify each developer that contributes code. Unfortunately, it’s common that developers have multiple Git aliases, which will bias the social metrics.

CodeScene provides two solutions to this problem. The simplest is to use the Developer identity mapping interface. (See Developers and their Aliases: Mapping Version-Control Names to People.)

CodeScene also supports Git mailmaps and will automatically use them if they are present. To use mailmaps, add the .mailmap file to the root of your repository. It specifies a mapping from multiple aliases to one for each developer as shown in Fig. 10.

Mailmap example

Fig. 10 Resolve aliases through a mailmap.

Note that mailmaps operate at a lower level, so changes in mailmaps will not be visible in the Developer identity mapping interface.

Read the Git Documentation on mapping authors for a description on how to configure the .mailmap.