Author and Team Statistics

CodeScene provides an aggregated view of all author and team contributions.

Detailed Author Statistics

The author information is intended as quick summary over the contribution activity in a codebase:

An example of detailed author statistics

Fig. 159 The detailed author statistics show the aggregated contributions.

The key metrics are:

  • Primary Component Owner: In how many architectural components is this developer the primary author?

  • Primary File Owner: In how many modules/files is this developer the primary author?

  • Commit Pattern: Is this a frequent contributor or someone that only occasionally commits code? The definitions are:

    • sparse: at least one commit per 14 days.

    • regular at least weekly commits

    • frequent commits multiple days per week.

  • Former Contributor: When checked, then this is a developer who’s no longer part of the team.

Detailed Team Statistics

The team statistics let you view the contributions aggregated on a team level as show in Fig. 160.

An example of detailed team statistics

Fig. 160 The detailed team statistics show the aggregated contributions on a team level.

The detailed team statistics are calculated based on the analysis start dates for team analyses.

The team statistics also include a timeline that shows how the contributions – on a team level – are distributed over time (see the author example below for an example – the team view provides the same data).